Friday, May 4, 2012

Lil Sammy Four Months

I feel bad. Since our little Sammy Sam has joined us life has sped up to a rocket-ship pace and I feel like I haven't given him enough attention here on the blog. So this post is dedicated just to SAMMY!

We went to his four month appointment yesterday and he is as healthy as they come. 16.8 pounds, long, big and happy. He got 4 shots....this made for a very crabby baby but even crabby is sure is cute.

He's such a happy boy. He loves nothing more than to have people look at him. As long as I can maintain eye-sight with him he's content to play and giggle. He LOVES being tickled and loves being held and cuddled and snuggled. Sammy's favorite thing to do is eat his hands. I have to pry them out of there to get a bottle in sometimes. He talks up a storm too...lots of baby chatter.

People have asked if I can tell a difference between Sammy and how Eli was at this age. It's hard to say because, honestly, I don't remember much about how Eli was as a baby but I do remember Eli screamed and screamed every time we put him in his car seat and SO far Sammy seems very happy back there. That's a huge plus. I have noticed too Sammy likes to be held a lot more than Eli did. That makes for some pretty buff mommy muscles.

Here are a bunch of pics of my sweet baby boy. Golly gee I love him so.

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