Sunday, December 16, 2012

We Are Plowing Our Way Through December

I've been trying to do a "December thus far" update but December is going to eat me alive so I'll just post what I have. Here is a picture dump of our last few weeks. Seriously if I make it to January alive I'll be very surprised.
 Ward Christmas party. Eli decided he wanted to spontaneously join in with Jr primary in being a lamb in the program. He was mostly into it...for about ten seconds. Then he was on the lamb....ha!
 Sammy is awesome. In the last few weeks I have noticed how much he is starting to really respond to his surroundings and that is scary. He wants to be like Eli so so bad. That is also scary, but in an endearing sort of way. 

 We made a ginger-bread candy train one night. I spent most of the time getting after Eli for chowing copious amounts of candy. I gave up in the end and we jabbed each other with frosting for a bit. It was a good time. 
 My big boy. 

 Eating and ice-cream, eating Teddy Grahams. He eats. A lot. 

He's way into self feeding...but not always in the most effective ways. 

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